Caravel Impact Investments is a new addition to The Caravel Group’s portfolio of businesses and investments. It seeks to address the question of whether it is possible both to do good and to do well, and to demonstrate that these two goals are not mutually exclusive.

Given the number of critical concerns that face our planet, both from a social and an environmental perspective, and the depth, strength and interconnectedness of global financial markets, we believe that capital markets are essential to driving solutions to the severe threats we face.

We aim to contribute to positive social and environmental change and to manage this impact in line with our financial goals and strategies. Our goal is to make deliberate and coordinated investments in conjunction with our partners globally, to bring the transformative change that is required in the way we produce, consume and conduct business to shape a better world for tomorrow.

We endeavor to make informed decisions around the impact created by our investee companies, and then to manage this impact actively towards the achievement of our social and environmental goals, while not foregoing our financial responsibilities to our stakeholders.

Aera VC (Venture Capital) describes its purpose as “Investing today for a better world tomorrow”. It invests in early stage ventures that are defined by both purpose and profit. We have partnered with Aera VC to begin to build a global network of like-minded investors, and a significant, sustainable pipeline of next-generation businesses that look to disrupt and transform the status quo of how we live, consume and produce.

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