A conservative investment strategy that underpins the strength of the group

Caravel Asset Management is an institutional investment manager, with a primary focus on direct investments in global liquid markets including public equity and credit, across all industries. Caravel Asset Management also invests directly into alternative investments – mainly private equity and hedge funds – to diversify risks and sustain long-term returns for the Group.

The investment holdings of Caravel Asset Management are held with affiliates of the Caravel Group, giving strength to our balance sheet and underpinning the stability of the entire Group.

Due to the tri-fold multi-disciplinary nature of the Group as a whole, Caravel Asset Management has unique intelligence and insight which allows it to identify and execute transformative transaction opportunities. These support the Group – particularly in terms of managing financial risks and achieving synergy across the business as a whole.

Caravel Asset Management comprises an experienced and international team focused on three key areas – asset allocation, risk management and deal-focused investment analysis – who work closely together to deliver sustainable returns for the Group.

Caravel Asset Management utilizes an open architecture platform which allows us to partner and work closely with external institutions to ensure that we are able to access investment opportunities globally and benefit from specialist insights and analysis.

We focus on the use of cutting-edge technology, especially in our risk monitoring and analysis process, to ensure that our current and future portfolio risk is actively managed and hedged, which is a crucial objective for our entire investment team.

Our long-term outlook and conservative risk management model is at the core of our investment strategy – as we continue to pioneer new markets and trade routes, we will continue to invest in building these for the future.

  • Asset Management
  • Unique intelligence and insight
  • Long-term outlook and conservative risk management model
  • Delivering sustainable returns