What makes us different?

The Caravel Group has a range of distinctive qualities that set us apart from and ahead of others in the same market space.

Our start-up energy combined with a wealth of experience

The Caravel Group is a new, dynamic, energetic company – yet one with a wealth of combined knowledge and experience – and underpinned by a strong balance sheet.

Our integrity and transparency

Caravel’s dedication to giving our clients world-class service is expressed in everything we do. We stand apart through our ability to build and maintain enduring partnerships with clients – placing our long-term relationships with them ahead of short-term advantage.

We aim to give every counterparty assured performance in terms of reliability, trust, efficiency and quality without compromising on our business ethics. Simply put, we pride ourselves on our business practices.

Our integrated solutions across three business units

Our business strategy is centred on working with our clients as strategic partners globally to create and execute mutually beneficial solutions.

Our experience and resources across our primary business areas of maritime, resources and asset management give us the ability to offer one-stop end-to-end solutions within the niche categories on which we focus and in which we excel.

Our clients benefit from the synergy between our various operations along the supply chain – origination, handling the logistics and where appropriate, offering tools to manage the financial needs and risks of these transactions, enabling us to offer complete and cost-effective solutions.

Our agility, pioneering spirit and response time

Like our namesake vessel, we have the flexibility to adapt and respond quickly to dynamic market changes.

For the Caravel Group, agility is a key principle underlying every activity. Our lean entrepreneurial team minimizes complexity, and we seek innovative ways to deliver streamlined services with speed and efficiency – challenging the accepted wisdom and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our global scale with an Asian focus

With a global presence and a strong balance sheet, the Caravel Group is ready to serve clients on any scale, wherever they are located. Our Hong Kong base and our presence in strategic locations give us a focus and insight into the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Our employees – our driving force

Caravel’s workforce is an integrated team of professionals – united by a shared commitment to the Group’s values of integrity, excellence and client focus. Together, they pursue Caravel’s vision of creating sustainable value for both shareholders and employees through a firm dedication to serving the needs of counterparties effectively.

We believe that our people are our biggest asset and therefore we implement best practices in recruitment, training and development and employee retention.

  • What Sets Us Apart
  • Wealth of experience combined with a strong balance sheet
  • Assured performance in terms of reliability, trust, efficiency and quality
  • Integrated solutions providing synergies across our primary operating units
  • United by a shared commitment to integrity, excellence and client focus