Maritime assets

In addition to the diverse fleet that we manage and operate, The Caravel Group has started to build up our own fleet of owned vessels. All our owned vessels, whether purchased or newbuilt to order, will subscribe to the highest standards of design, technical efficiency, environmental performance, safety and efficient ship management. Our vessels fly the Hong Kong flag.

In building our fleet we have sought to strike a balance between serving our own cargo requirements and the needs of our diverse worldwide customer base. We have focused on high quality, young, and eco-designed vessels, predominantly ranging in size from Supramax through to Kamsarmax (fitting the maximum dimensions for the bauxite loading pier at Port Kamsar in Guinea), giving us the ability to handle a variety of cargo types. We aim to generate returns through both free cash flow generation and improvements in asset values.

Maritime investments

In addition to our own extensive maritime operations, we use our knowledge and expertise in the field to make selected investments or joint venture partnerships in other maritime players with which The Caravel Group is not in direct competition.

The Group is among a number of major investors in Mandarin Shipping Limited, a Hong Kong based shipping investment company providing investors with a platform to invest directly in shipping assets. In addition to direct investment in the maritime transport sector, Mandarin Shipping – which has a highly experienced management team – provides a wide range of other services to investors and institutions with shipping interests, including commercial management, valuations and restructuring advice.

In connection with our involvement in Mandarin Shipping Limited, The Caravel Group is one of the principal shareholders in Mandarin Containers Limited (“MCL”), the owner of a fleet of 5 eco-design, draft-efficient feeder container vessels with a capacity of 1,700 TEUs. All five vessels are trading profitably on charters with major liner companies. MCL’s growth strategy is focused on Asia’s growing trade routes.

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