Caravel Asset Management is an institutional investment manager, with a primary focus on direct investments in global liquid markets including public equity and credit, across all industries. Caravel Asset Management also invests in alternative investments – mainly private equity and hedge funds – to diversify sources of return, mitigate risk, and drive long-term returns for the Group.

The investment holdings of Caravel Asset Management are held with affiliates of The Caravel Group, giving strength to our balance sheet and underpinning the stability of the entire Group.

Our investment strategy seeks to deliver sustained long-term returns while avoiding undue risk. This is achieved through building a well-balanced and globally-diversified portfolio.

At Caravel Asset Management, we believe that a good understanding of companies and their management teams, in addition to the external portfolio managers whom we partner with, is key to our strategic asset allocation, selecting investments and maximizing our return over our investment horizon. We strive to achieve the right balance of risk and returns, while generating sustained performance through an active approach of managing our investment portfolios.

Investments are selected based on a static allocation over a diversified set of asset classes to achieve our investment targets over the long term, and through cycles. We strive for diversified sources of return and avoid being overly dependent on macroeconomic factors when determining the appropriate risk premium in our portfolios.

Our long-term outlook, a focus on generating absolute returns, and a conservative risk management model are at the core of our investment strategy.