Caravel Resources is a leading provider of solutions across the industrial dry bulk value chain. Our focus is on the trading of industrial dry bulk raw materials, principally those used in the steel and energy industries – iron ore, coal and coke.

Caravel Resources provides a seamless supply chain utilizing the synergies provided by The Caravel Group platform. This offers all counterparties efficient, transparent and cost-effective solutions for their needs, which can be further tailored to meet the individual requirements of producers or consumers.

We source from origins that offer geographical as well as cost benefits for the consumers that we serve. Our origination expertise allows us to source a diverse range of products for each area of our business from mines around the globe.

Whilst our clients are primarily in the broader steel industry and power generation sectors, we also serve numerous other industries with requirements for energy generation, including cement plants, chemical plants, sugar and textile mills.

Each transaction we undertake and manage is complex, requiring precise alignment throughout the supply chain and dedicated personal service. We add value by drawing from coordinated support across the Group, which allows us to offer our counterparties exceptional efficiency, logistical expertise and strong risk management. This gives our counterparties the freedom to focus on their core businesses and optimize their available resources.