As a global business, we generate a wide-ranging impact on the environment in many places around the world. To minimize our environmental footprint and practice good environmental stewardship, we are committed to pursuing policies and using appropriate technologies to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. We monitor and measure our environmental performance and use this information to make improvements.

In addition to benefiting the environment, this approach also benefits the Group by building goodwill and enhancing our reputation. Furthermore, many corporations seek out environmentally responsible business partners as part of their own sustainability efforts, placing us in an advantageous position to build new business relationships.

Caravel Maritime

As one of the world's leading maritime operators, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to a cleaner marine environment. We pursue dynamic environmental policies and strive to be a role model for sustainability within our field. We fully support environmental requirements laid down under International, Flag State, Port State and Coastal State Laws, and the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL). Consequently we implement a zero-tolerance approach to non-compliance, seeking to achieve a zero incidents and zero spills record.

We maintain a mostly young and fuel-efficient fleet, and maintain and operate our ships in such a way as to minimize fuel consumption. We use state-of-the-art technologies to monitor vessel performance and minimize pollution, and implement measures to eliminate or reduce atmospheric emissions such as greenhouse gases, as well as to eliminate or reduce discharges, both at sea and in port.

In addition to practicing efficient use of resources and promoting reuse or recycling to eliminate waste, we train and encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious and to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance sustainability.

Caravel Resources

At Caravel Resources we are passionate about and deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We truly believe that each one of us needs to be aware of and play a part in looking after the environment from which we personally, and as a business, draw sustenance.

Our goal is to serve as a role model within our sphere of influence, balancing our profitability and ambitions as a company whilst pursuing a dynamic environmental policy. We support numerous environmental initiatives, and are investing resources in carbon offsetting and creating sustainable resources.