The Caravel Group has a number of distinct qualities that distinguish us from others in the industries in which we operate, differentiate us as leaders in the global market space, and make us the partner of choice for our clients.

Our integrated platform of businesses

The ability to offer one-stop, end-to-end solutions within the categories on which we focus and in which we excel. Our business strategy is centered on working with our clients as long-term strategic partners globally.

Our clients benefit from the synergy between our various operations along the supply chain – origination, handling of logistics, and where appropriate offering tools to manage the financial needs and risks of these transactions, enabling us to offer complete and cost-effective solutions.

Our diversified business portfolio

We are uniquely positioned, thanks to the diversity of the business portfolio that we operate. Our financial performance is driven by a varied combination of revenue streams: service income and management fees, trading revenue, long-term investment gains, and income returns derived from our portfolio of hard assets. We believe this unusual diversity helps insulate our operating performance from market volatility, macroeconomic factors and the cyclical nature of some of our end-markets.

Our expanding portfolio of unlevered fixed assets, ranging from our ships to equity holdings in carefully selected companies, gives us a firm financial foundation and further diversifies our business.

Our integrity and transparency

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining enduring partnerships with clients – founded on their confidence in our world-class service and trust in our integrity. We maintain their confidence by our dedication to providing the highest standards of service and by placing our long-term relationships with clients ahead of short-term gain.

Our employees – our driving force

Caravel’s workforce is an integrated team of professionals united by their shared commitment to the Group’s values of integrity, excellence and client focus. Together, they pursue Caravel’s vision of creating sustainable value for both shareholders and employees through a firm dedication to serving the needs of counterparties effectively – delivering streamlined services with speed and efficiency.