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Caravel Resources

Caravel Resources is a leading provider of solutions across the industrial dry bulk value chain. Our focus is on the trading of industrial dry bulk raw materials, principally those used in the steel and energy industries – iron ore, coal and coke.

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Caravel Metallurgical

As a market leader in the iron ore supply chain, we have outstanding sourcing expertise and a deep-rooted customer base developed over twenty-five years, enabling us to deliver various iron ore grades to steel makers globally.

As a Group, we transport 70 million metric tons per annum of iron ore.

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Caravel Carbons

We supply a variety of coal types, including: thermal coal, petrochemical coke, anthracite and coke. We have multiple sources around the globe, allowing us to meet specific customer requirements and to minimize transport distances.

As a Group, we transport 28 million metric tons of coal-related cargo per annum.

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70 million

As a Group, we transport 70 million metric tons per annum of iron ore


are our own transported / traded volumes within Caravel Resources and Fleet Management Limited

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Risk management

Our professional risk management team actively monitors, measures, manages and optimizes operational, market and credit risks across our global business through a wide range of metrics and techniques including the latest trading and risk management technology.

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Trade finance

As part of our continued efforts to provide enhanced services and value add to our customers, we can act as an intermediary to finance short-term commodity flows on a transactional and non-speculative basis.

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